Top 5 web trends of 2015 - webdesign

  • Mobile focus

Mobile first is the strategy where the design of the desktop site is dictated by what works best on a mobile. This approach presupposes that most of your potential customers have a smartphone and that is how they choose to access your site most of the time – which may not be the case for your niche at this point. Nonetheless there’s a clear trend that mobile use will continue to grow at a rapid pace while desktop browsing is on the decline.

It’s now many years since catering for mobiles through responsive design was offered by websites merely as an extra feature, now it’s an essential part of a site design. How a website looks on a mobile determines whether your site is worth revisiting on any platform.

  • Interactive scrolling


  • Flat design

Flat design is probably the most identifiable hallmark of modern web design trends. Flat color and simple geometry first appeared a century ago as a reaction to the intricate decoration of the period. In recent times you’ll no doubt remember the minimalist flat silhouettes of Apple’s famous iPod commercials from the early 2000s.

  • Single page

A combination of web design trends such as the focus on mobile and the popularity of scrolling has led to a mushrooming of a further trend: single page websites. These aren’t suitable for all sites – the main thing that determines whether a site should be composed of a single page is content strategy.

  • Clean simple layout

A clean simple layout combines the twin goals of achieving a fast loading time and a simple message for the visitor. All unnecessary clutter is removed so the viewer can focus on the essentials.

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